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 Crystal River manatee tours here Crystal River vacation renatals Wanna' escape from it all? Escape to a Crystal River  Private Island! Click here to find Paradise Found!

 Crystal River  is located in the Nature Coast and is world renowned for being "Home of the Manatee". Being in Citrus County, the only place on the planet that you are allowed to get up close and personal with this gentle giant creature, we are fortunate to be able to do just that. "Mother Nature's Theme Park" means just that, with so many activities that Crystal River offers it's hard to choose just one, so we invite you to partake in more than one. Fish, kayak, snorkel, dive or just relax and take a break from stress while catching up on some great nature. Discover the undiscovered Florida, the "Old Florida" with it's quaint shops, great restaurants and friendly atmosphere. Near the Gulf of Mexico, Crystal River is about 70 miles north of Tampa and off the beaten path but a gem of a find. While you're here visit the Manatee Toy Company where inside you'll find Jimmy Buffet items for you "Parrot heads" and many unique gifts of the manatee persuasion. Local artist's work can be found at gift shops in Crystal River and Homosassa, Florida.

  Crystal River Vacation Rental on Private Island Home Rental

You can experience all that the real Florida has to offer by coming to stay on a private island in the back country. See what it was like in the Florida keys 30 years ago. This long lost area of Ozello keys is very much like the keys south of Miami were. But we are 77 miles north of Tampa and have many roads into us.

  Watch the dolphins swim by, the eagles fly over. See endanger birds like the palliated wood pecker and the sand hill cranes. You can slow down to island speed and relax by the large solar heated pool and 2 spas or cook Some'rs by the fire ring. Now that's a way to bond with the family.  You do not have to share the area with 200 other tourist! Check out this last hold out to what life was like in times gone by.  This place is great for a family of 2. But with  2 homes on the island you could bring the whole family for a reunion of 16. I love my family to death, But a few hours at a time. So it make a great reunion were each part of the family can have there own area to retreat to when they want solitude. You will find this Crystal River Vacation rental to be a great value. It's a life experience not just another Florida vacation spot.

   We recently talked to a family that kayaked 4 days. They  caught over 200 reds and trout  in one week. They said that if they had had to rent kayaks for each of the days they went out fishing they would have spent over $800.00 just on boat rentals. Even though they had never kayaked they were comfortable in them in minutes. They said it was easy to get up into all the shallow were the big reds were hiding. Just on the kayaks  rentals alone.

 Also don't miss the Homosassa Wild life Park. It's just down the road from the island and has a real cool fish bowl were you are in the fish bowel and the manatee and fish are in the spring out side. It's also a mini zoo with bob cats and cougars and bears oh my! It makes great afternoon of entertainment  for under 9.00 a person. I also love to float the Rainbow River. It is absolutely clear for over 6.5 miles and total pristine.

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